New Image Generator: Build Your Own Image for Social Media

October 31, 2023

We’ve just launched a new feature called “Build Your Own Image”. When added to your campaign, it allows supporters to upload images of their choice and add predesigned frames branded to your organisation or fundraising campaign. Supporters can then share their images on social media to promote their participation in your campaign and let their friends and family know that they’re making a difference! 

This is a new and easy way for your supporters to promote your campaign to an even wider social media network and encourage donations to their fundraising page. 

How to Use the Image Generator

Your supporters simply need to upload an image of their choosing to the Image Generator then choose from a variety of predesigned frames to overlay on their image. If they’re using this on their phone, they can choose from their photo library or take a photo to use specifically.  

Our team can design the frames for you (or your organisation can design them too if you prefer). We can create different frames for milestones in your campaign e.g. a new selection of frames for event day, on dollar matching day, or during an awareness day/month for your organisation. 

Here’s a quick video to show you how easy it is for your supports to create their images: 

Once supporters have added a frame to their image, they can share it on their social media accounts with a link to their fundraising page. Encourage your fundraisers to create their images, tag your organisation in their posts and use your hashtags to spread their fundraising page as far and wide as possible!

If you would like us to add the Image Generator to your existing campaign, or have a new campaign that you’d like to discuss, please email

Let’s grow your cause, campaign and peer to peer fundraising!