Giving Days are an excellent way to engage with corporates or major donors:

Allowing you to raise more while giving your largest supporters extra exposure. GoFundraise’s technology streamlines the process of creating a standalone Giving Day or of adding a Matched Giving Day (or even, Days) to a Peer to Peer Campaign to drive more engagement and increase fundraising.

1. Technology can be used for a standalone day or as part of an existing campaign

Giving Days can be their own, direct donation campaign – or can be a feature of peer to peer campaigns where all donations are matched for a period (hours, days etc). This is a great way to increase giving in a peer-to-peer campaign on key days or to help bring in revenue earlier than usual. Matched Giving days cause spike in both the number of donations and the average donation amount during a matched period (excluding the matching amount).

2. Donation Widgets show the matching during the period

Our Giving Day functionality shows the donor how their donation will be matched while they’re making the donation. This will appear during the set-times, until the cap has expired. When the matched period ends, this will automatically turn off.

3. Engage Corporates or Philanthropic Supporters

The sponsor’s logo sits beside every donation, giving them extra exposure and showing all visitors who was responsible for matching their donations. Matched givers may also remain anonymous if they want.

4. Easy to set up

Event Managers can easily set up their own matching criteria in the GoFundraise dashboard. They configure the matching rules including the cap, start/end time, matching sponsor information and of course, the way that donations will be matched (eg: doubled, or even tripled).

5. Use our template or fully customize the branding

When creating a Giving Day, you can start with our Giving Day template which can be fully customized (including white-labelling the domain and all emails). If you want a campaign which is entirely bespoke, we can build this for you too. The Giving Day functionality can also be used across all peer to peer or appeal campaigns.

Let’s grow your cause, campaign and peer to peer fundraising!