They’re simple, they’re effective. They’re Interactive Campaigns.

Our interactive technology can be used in a variety of ways. Give your supporters the option to dedicate, send or buy a virtual item, of your choosing, to support your cause. Is a flower a symbol of your cause? Your supporters can plant one in a virtual garden where it will grow forever.

Customisation (branded)

Our Interactive campaigns are fully customizable and branded to look and feel like you. You decide exactly what your donors can virtually dedicate to their loved ones. Choose your custom domain’s (including favicon) to allow your supporters to have a seamless journey from your website to your campaign. We’ll send all emails from one of your email addresses to add a personal touch.

Mobile Friendly

Everything we build for the desktop, is optimized for a user-friendly mobile (or tablet) experience. Give your supporters the opportunity to donate from just about anywhere, maximizing your website traffic and donations.

Donor Management

Use our metrics dashboard to see an overview of your campaign and donors or take a deep dive into your donor data with our real time reporting module. Our custom fields make it easy for you to capture specific donor data which you can easily download and share with your team.

Option to include e-cards as part of campaign

Our integrations with Campaign Monitor and Autopilot enable your supporters to automatically send your virtual item to a loved one in an e-card. Use segments to send the ecard immediately or on a day that is significant to your cause.

Let’s grow your cause, campaign and peer to peer fundraising!