Feature Release: Enhancing P2P fundraising with QR codes and event posters.

July 19, 2023

Did you know that fundraising pages automatically include personalised QR codes? QR codes create connectivity between fundraisers and their supporters, as well as providing donors with a hassle-free donation experience.  

As an Event Organiser, you can also customise event posters which will pull in fundraiser’s information (including their QR code) to make it easier for your supporters to reach a wider audience and leverage their communities to make donations.  

When created, every fundraising page on our platform has a custom QR code automatically allocated to it. Fundraisers and supporters can find it next to the profile picture.

Each fundraising page will have this QR code button. Once clicked the custom QR code for that fundraising page will pop up and give the user the option to download it.

With the easy-to-access QR codes, fundraisers can easily share their page when they’re telling someone about their fundraising initiative by showing the QR code. They can print out their custom QR code and share it with friends, family, and supporters at any event, gathering, or community space. Whether it’s an office, school, local café, or in person fundraising event, anyone can scan the QR code and will instantly be directed to the fundraiser’s dedicated page. This seamless integration streamlines the donation process, making it easier to donate than ever before. 

Customised Event Posters with inbuilt QR Codes

We’ve can also design and add a custom poster around the QR code on fundraising pages. These posters can pull in the fundraiser’s name and the event or campaign they are supporting. You can design this poster yourself, or we can do it for you when creating your campaign. 

If designed yourself, get in touch with our support team who can get it uploaded for you. 

Once clicked, the poster will automatically download as a PDF.


Showcasing the fundraiser’s name and charity they’re supporting, these posters encourage supporters to scan the QR code and contribute to your campaign, creating a sense of community and inspiring others to join in.  

Both the QR code and customised event poster are accessible directly from fundraising pages, enabling fundraisers to effortlessly share their mission, engage supporters, and increase donations. With the ability to easily print and distribute custom QR codes and personalized event posters, fundraisers and donors are in for a seamless and powerful experience. 

To learn more or chat about adding a poster to your campaign get in touch with Lyle here.

Let’s grow your cause, campaign and peer to peer fundraising!