Create your own Giving Day and bring your Dollar Matching to Life!

September 7, 2022

We’ve released new Giving Day and Dollar Matching functionality to enhance your fundraising!

Giving days are a window of time (generally 24hours) aimed at rallying your community and supporters to donate to your cause during that time. Dollar matching days are also a specific period where your supporters’ donations are matched by a sponsor or corporate.

You can now create and set up your own Giving Day event with Dollar Matching using our new Giving day template and Matching Configuration module.

There are two ways you can set up your giving day:

  1. Create a new event with our Giving Day template which includes dollar matching functionality.
  2.  Use a live event and the Matching Configuration module to add your giving day to it.


Giving Day template

Use our  Giving Day template! You’ll find this on your dashboard along with our other new templates for Peer to Peer Fundraising, Appeals and Virtual Events.

Our Giving Day template includes the Donation Module on the homepage making it super easy for your supporters to make a donation. If Dollar Matching is applied, your supporters will also see how their donation is being matched. e.g. $10- x 2 = $40. This module is included on all fundraising pages

Once you have created your event its time to set up Dollar Matching!

Dollar Matching

Using the parameters below, you can make each one of your dollar matching days completely different.

There are four main settings you can configure when setting up Dollar Matching:

  • Quantity (the number of times an individual donation will be matched, eg: $10 x 2 = $20x donations) 
  • Cap (the max for the total matching) 
  • Start and end time for the matching 
  • Matching sponsor name (which will appear on all matched donations on fundraising pages)

You don’t need to worry about keeping an eye on reaching the cap, or end of your dollar matching time. It will automatically end once of these parameters is reached. For example if your dollar matching day runs for 24 and is for $5,000 and you reach $5,000 raised in 12 hours, matching will automatically end.

If you have a few dollar matching days coming up for an event that is already live, no worries! You can set up multiple dollar matching days at once and they’ll appear in a list attached to your event.

Once Dollar Matching Day has arrived (yay!) you can easily check in to see how much has been raised and how much time and money is left.

Recent donations on fundraising pages

The total matched donation (donated amount + matched amount) will show in the Recent Donation feed on fundraising pages – we want your supporters to see how much of a difference they’re making with their donation! If you have a sponsor, their name will also appear here for some extra recognition.

Start creating your Giving Day today!

Let’s grow your cause, campaign and peer to peer fundraising!