Cystic Fibrosis WA Raises 100% more in 2022 for 65 Roses.

August 2, 2022

Interactive campaigns are an incredible way to connect to your current and reach a wider supporter base. No matter where your supporters are based in the world they can purchase a virtual item – in this case, plant a rose in the virtual garden – and dedicate and write a personal message to a loved one. Their item will then be visible as part of your interactive campaign forever.

Originally, 65 Roses was a face-to-face campaign where supporters bought fresh roses. When Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia (CFWA) was faced with the challenges of COVID in 2020 they pivoted to an online interactive campaign. Since 2019 the online presence of 65 Roses has gone from strength to strength.

Press play to see the Rose Garden in full bloom and the widgets/functionality we included on the homepage.

Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia doubles the amount raised with their 2022 interactive campaign.

Since its inception in 2019 we have partnered with CFWA to create an Interactive Campaign as part of their 65 Roses campaign for Cystic Fibrosis month.

The 2022 65 Roses campaign has now wrapped and as the most successful one to date the results speak for themselves! This year over $50,000 was raised – double the amount in 2021 – with 3,306 roses planted, 37 personal and 9 corporate gardens.

65 Roses is a campaign for everyone. Whether you wanted to plant one rose in the main garden, create your own personal rose garden and fundraise for CFWA, or were a corporate looking to give back – we made it all possible.

“The new look and amazing new functionality were the driving force behind doubling our donations in 2022. We were taken aback by the work the design team did with the site this year.

Our fundraising team, our staff and the cystic fibrosis community absolutely loved every bit of the new Virtual Rose Garden.” Stephen Bastow, Fundraising Manager, CFWA

Read on to learn about how we doubled the amount raised this year and why an interactive campaign is right for you.

Supporters created their own Rose Gardens!

We gave supporters the option to create their own personal rose garden which acted as a fundraising page. These gardens could be personalised with a profile image and story. Family and friends could visit personal rose gardens and plant a rose – all of the roses in these gardens were dedicated to the same person or family. The highest personal rose garden this year raised over $4,800! The majority of personal gardens were set up by adult family members in support of a child living with Cystic Fibrosis. The feedback was that these children loved visiting their gardens and seeing all the roses and messages dedicated to them.

A personal rose garden in full bloom!

Rose Gardens for Corporates too.

A large part of CFWA’s supporter base are corporates. To tap into corporates we built corporate rose gardens. The functionality of these rose gardens was the same personal rose garden but we  displayed them on their own ‘corporate leader board’.

To leverage corporates (and to save their staff members a lot of time purchasing roses!) we planted their roses as bulk import. Corporates sent through a basic spreadsheet with their staff information and amount of each donation which we then added to their rose garden in one import.

We made sure the Rose Garden had variety.

The brief from CFWA was to make the rose garden look as beautiful as possible with a variety of different roses. It was important for CFWA that different sized roses reflected the amount donated. If you were donating $10 you would receive one rose, but if you were donating $100 you would receive a whole bouquet.

When donating supporters could see what size flower different donation amounts reflected. Once supporters chose their donation amount they could then choose the colour of their rose/bouquet as well. In total there were twelve different rose combinations to choose from.

Not only did the different sized roses motivate supporters to make larger donations, but as they were planted the homepage and personal gardens came to life with different sized colours and sizes of roses – like watching a real rose garden come into bloom.

Supporters could choose the size and colour of their rose

E-cards to send the love (and roses!)

A major part of the campaign is the ability for donors to send an e-cards with their rose and a message to their loved one immediately after purchase. Corporates were also able to send e-cards with their roses as well. A whopping 2,300 e-cards were sent this year or 69% of people chose to send an e-card with their rose.

E-cards were sent to loved ones with a personal message and rose immediately after the rose was planted.

The Team at GoFundraise have grown into being seen as an extension of our fundraising team, from their openness in discussion, their response time in all parts of the process and being prepared to go the extra step. Bring on 2023, we are already excited. From the cystic fibrosis community in WA, thanks for helping to make a difference.” Stephen Bastow, Fundraising Manager, CFWA.

Interactive campaigns are an amazing way to connect and increase your supporter base and give people the opportunity to donate an interactive item that will be visible forever.


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