November 24, 2021

We’ve released a new Vision Template for appeals!

Our brand new appeals template includes a new real-time donation widget (enabling donations to be made on the homepage) with donation messages, is fully mobile optimised and easily customisable to your brand.

With our drag and drop functionality you can create a simple, but state of the art appeal that tells your story in minutes.

Donate on the homepage

Your supporters can make their donation directly on your homepage and will see their donation appear in real time.

Donation widget with donation messages

A real time donation feed which includes messages left by your supporters at the time of donation. Feel the love!

The donation widget with donation messages has previously only been available on custom sites designed and built by our production team. Now you have the tools to create a stand out appeal.


We hosted a webinar to show you all the cool new features and how you can create your own appeal.

Check it out below:

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