IMPORTANT: COVID-19 – Impact and opportunities for you and your organisation

March 18, 2020

I wanted to write regarding the COVID-19 situation and its disruption on your organisation and events.

We understand that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on you, your supporters and the community and I would like to reassure you that we are here to help you through this challenging time.

A number of our clients have been forced to cancel or postpone events which raise vital funds for their causes at a time that they may be needed more than ever before.


We would like to encourage you, where possible to keep fundraising during this time or make the appropriate adaptations to your campaign allowing for the likelihood that this situation will continue for some months to come.

The causes and events that you represent are still as important as ever, many of them even more so at this time of uncertainty.

We encourage you to share the ways that your organisation has been impacted by Coronavirus with your supporters. While it may seem obvious to you, your supporters may not realise what COVID-19 means for your organisation and the valuable work you do.


We are also making the GoFundraise team more available to support you in adapting to the current situation and your campaigns.

If you’ve had to cancel or postpone your event, we will work with you to turn it into a virtual campaign, defer your event, offer coupons to other events, or convert registrations into donations or where this is not possible – registration refunds. Our team will spend our time working with you to update your existing events impacted by COVID-19 for free.


For many of your supporters, participating in your events is their opportunity to tell their story and talk about why your cause/event matters to them while encouraging donations. Many are feeling isolated, uncertain and, naturally some are fearful for their health, future, or the health of their loved ones at this time. This campaign may be the distraction they need from these uncertainties.


As an organisation, we have already moved our team to a working from home arrangement, advised against taking public transport, encouraged social distancing, increased hand washing hygiene and healthy living to boost their immunity and minimising going into public where not needed.

While the current guidelines are that some schools are open, we are also encouraging our staff (who are able to co-parent and home school) to keep their children at home to reduce the impact on the spread of the virus and the potential for it affecting the elderly and immune deficient and others who are most at risk within our community.

From a business perspective all our phone numbers, email and support hours remain unchanged and from a personal perspective our team are here to support you.


With every change there is an opportunity, and a need that goes with it. We would encourage you to use this time to engage with your supporters and help them during this period of isolation.

Your supporters can still (currently) go for a walk, run, cycle on their own and raise money for your cause while they are at it. What’s more, our team are working on a range of virtual updates and campaigns that we will have more information on shortly.

We’ve also innovated on a number of interactive virtual campaigns lately (such as this one) which can be customised quickly to raise funds for your cause without requiring a physical event.


Lastly, we hope you and your teams stay safe and healthy during this time.


Stuart Finlayson
CEO & Co-Founder

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