Campaign Spotlight: Do More Than Remember

October 31, 2019

We are very excited to announce the release of the ‘Do More than Remember’ campaign for Legacy Brisbane. GoFundraise worked with the Legacy Brisbane team on this innovative campaign which allows people to dedicate a virtual poppy with their donation.

GoFundraise was privileged to help turn Legacy Brisbane’s idea into a digital reality.

It has been incredible to see our vision come to life, with beautiful imagery and a seamless donor experience.

I can’t thank the GoFundraise team enough for their amazing service, from the concept brainstorming to day-to-day support as we refine the platform,”

– Kate Leeds, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Legacy Brisbane

About the campaign:

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Kate Leeds shares why Legacy Brisbane created this digital campaign:

“The Do More Than Remember campaign is a unique way for the Australian public to support the families left behind, and pay their respects to those we’ve lost. We are encouraging all to attend their usual services and pause for a moments silence, but this platform allows a unique digital dedication through the virtual poppy field that the donor can share online.”

Legacy Brisbane helps families after the loss or injury of a loved one in military service. The red poppy has long been accepted as the flower of remembrance due to the symbolic significance of the vivid red coming from the blood of fallen comrades in the First World War.

Hence, Legacy Brisbane’s interactive poppy field allows donors to dedicate their donation with a virtual poppy to honor the veterans who gave their lives or health serving Australia.

Have a look at the poppy field here.

How It Works:

It’s simple, but effective. First, donors choose whether they’d like to dedicate their donation with a virtual poppy or if they’d like to make a direct donation (no poppy). If they choose to dedicate a poppy, they’re prompted to enter a donation amount (this remains anonymous), say who they are dedicating the poppy to and write their dedication message. At this stage, the poppy is planted and the donor can visit the field to see their poppy with the others in the field.

This shows the donor they are part of a community with shared respect for our veterans.

When they view their poppy, they can also share it on social media or by email.

One other thing you’ll notice when you visit Do More, is that the page is completely white labelled. Including:

  • Branded domains
  • Branded page titles
  • Email campaign sent from Legacy Brisbane’s email address

White labelling allows the user to have a seamless journey from Legacy Brisbane’s website through to the campaign page. This all adds to the user’s trust in the charity.

We’re excited to see this campaign up and running and look forward to seeing the field fill up with poppies.

How can your charity use this type of interactive digital campaign?

This type of technology lends itself to a Remembrance or In Memory style campaigns (eg: you could light a candle for each donation) but it could also be used in a variety of different ways for different causes. Here are some examples:

  • Christmas is fast approaching and there’s plenty of ways to give your donors a call to action this season. Some ideas for making your campaign interactive could include:
    • Presents under the tree with a message to the beneficiaries.
    • Put a decoration on your charity’s Christmas tree.
    • Help put food on the plate this Christmas
  • Turn your event green! Instead of using physical balloons at your event, add a virtual one for each participant.
  • Is there a significant day associated with your charity? Encourage donors to give a virtual gift connected to the day.
  • Can your supporters fundraise or donate to fund a specific piece of equipment? If so, for every fundraising page created or every donation of the right amount – you could graphically show how many pieces have been funded (eg: fund a bed etc, buy a brick etc).


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