Event metrics are here! Get summary data for your events instantly

August 15, 2019

“I LOVE these new metrics!
Being able to see these topline numbers instantly will be so helpful during our Melanoma March campaign and allow me to spend less time running reports and more time implementing strategies to grow our fundraising”

Annabel Egan, Campaign Manager: Melanoma March, Melanoma Institute Australia

We are very excited to announce our new, much anticipated, Metrics release which allows you to track your events in an instant.  At GoFundraise, we work hard to make your fundraising experience better and easier and make your data more accessible to you.

As you can see by the above image, our Metrics now provides you with a summary of data for your event(s) broken down by category and time period.  This is an easy way to see key statistics about events that you manage and trends, including the number of active fundraisers, total revenue, donations, form entries and lots more – all in an instant!

Here is a list of some of these new features;

  • The total raised
  • The total donations
  • Number of fundraisers
  • Percentage of fundraisers who are active (who have raised any money)
  • Donations through Fundraising at work
  • Offline donations
  • Registration payments

It is easy to access this information, simply login to GoFundraise, click on ‘admin’ and the click on ‘Metrics’ next to any event in your dashboard.  See below for example.

To access your detailed information, you can still download the real-time reports at any time.

We will be adding more information to this section over the coming weeks and months so stay tuned.


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