Team Catwalk raise 150% more in 2017 with GoFundraise!

April 19, 2018

Chris Lovelady, Relationship Manager
at The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Research Trust said

GoFundraise is proud to have helped the Team CatWalk NYC Marathon to grow in 2017 by 150%. GoFundraise made many improvements to our mobile experience and now offer the world’s best mobile fundraising and donation experience.

Our new mobile-first platform helped to achieve the following:

  • Over $170,000 raised online
  • Increased amount raised online by over 150%
  • Average donation is by almost 60% higher
  • Fundraisers raised in average 55% more

 “As a charity it is important for us to be able to get our message and events across to our supporters in a way that matches our high standards of presentation. GoFundraise helps to do this through the tools that are available when using the system.” Lovelady also said

This year 28 athletes and 8 supporters travelled to New York and joined the team running to raise funds for the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust. It’s been a huge commitment by all participants, who were making a change by running so others can walk. In 2017 Team CatWalk raised over $170,000 online.

The CatWalk Trust is committed to a world where spinal cord injury will not mean paralysis for life.

GoFundraise’s  Event Creator Vision has also contributed to this success. It’s an easy to use website builder, fundraising and registration platform all in one! It allowed the Team Catwalk to create a beautiful event in minutes without using any technical or design resources.

Why Catwalk use GoFundraise’s Event Creator Vision

“The Event Creator Vision is an excellent tool with the very good tool of colour identifier helping to create a page that fits with our branding colours.” Chris Lovelady said

“Especially helpful to create a personal feel to the page is the tool that can recognise the colours used in our logo and transfer them into the event page giving a seamless interaction between our branding and profile.  The dashboard and ease of navigation makes the programme easy to use.  There are ample help and video tutorials to help you create the event.” Lovelady also said.

“Event Creator Vision has many useful features to help create a personalised page that gives it the true CatWalk feel. She also said.

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