More than just a leading fundraising platform

September 27, 2017

Did you know that we also provide all this for FREE?

  • Fast phone and email support
  • Customer Care are available 7-days a week
  • Extensive knowledge base & training
  • 96% + customer satisfaction rating in 2017

GoFundraise understands that providing a leading fundraising platform is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to digital fundraising success. Your platform also needs to be supported and available 24 x7.

Knowledge base + Training + Support

That’s why over the past 10 years we have built up an extensive knowledge base along with a highly trained customer care team that’s here to support you and your campaigns 7 days a week.

Help for Fundraisers + Donors + You

We offer support to clients, fundraisers and donors 7 days a week by email and 5 days a week by phone. Whenever someone emails our Customer Care team, they are asked to rate the service they received. This week, we are celebrating the following achievements:

  • 100% satisfaction for the week
  • 100% satisfaction for 3 weeks in a row
  • 96% satisfaction on average for 2017.

Where do I get help?

The first question asked by many users of any online platform is “Where do I find Help?”. At GoFundraise, the answer is easy – GoFundraise Customer Care, our dedicated support team. To help shed some light on what type of support we provide, here are 4 questions often asked about our Customer Care team answered:

Who responds to my queries?

We’d like to introduce you to members of GoFundraise Customer Care, our dedicated support team – these are the people that you’ll hear from if you contact GoFundraise:

Jess is our Customer Care Manager, she’s worked at GoFundraise for almost 3 years.

“Brilliant – Jess is amazing, awesome and brilliant.  Having that support makes all the difference to us deciding to choose GoFundraise and use it more and more in the future.”

– Lisa Rayner (Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association of Queensland Inc)

Ryan is our Support Manager, He’s worked at GoFundraise for over 3 years.

“Ryan has been very prompt in getting back to us, even on public holidays!”

– James Arthur O’Brien (Prader Willi Syndrome Australia)

Paolo is a Support Executive, he’s worked for GF for over 5 years.

“I constantly enjoy working with Paolo. He is prompt, helpful, and hardworking. If there was a Great, I’m more than satisfied button, I would click it.”

– Samuel Kendall (OIC Cambodia)

Kim is our Accounts Assistant, she’s been with GoFundraise for almost 2 years.

Suzie is in our Onboarding team, she’s been with GoFundraise for 4 months.

Karina is in our Onboarding team, she’s been with GoFundraise for 4 months.

We would also like to introduce you to our Production team – this team help with the implementation of campaigns and often help resolve Customer Care enquiries:

Gerard is our Senior Production Manager. He’s worked at GoFundraise for 3 years.

Netskie is our Design Director. She’s worked at GoFundraise for almost 4 years.

Roger is a Designer. He’s worked at GoFundraise for almost 7 years.

Due to our close relationship with charities and their supporters over the years, we understand the importance of a human touch when it comes to providing customer service, especially due to the sensitive nature of some of the requests we get. When you contact us, your enquiry will be looked at by a human, not a robot. We might not always be able to reply instantly, but rest assured when we do reply, you are communicating with a real life human being capable of empathising with your situation, no matter what that might be.

What do GoFundraise Customers Say About the Support Received?

We’ll let the stats speak for themselves:

For 2017 we’ve averaged between 400-900 tickets per month, with a monthly satisfaction average of 96% out of responding customers. We aim to get back to all requests in under 8hrs and have managed a median first time reply of 2.6hrs. We’ve managed to meet all our support targets this year and plan to continue to do so.

What do you do with our feedback?

GoFundraise has undergone many changes over the 10 years we have been in business, and the driving factor of those changes has been listening to customer feedback and understanding changing user expectations. As with all tech development, we are not always able to action your suggestions as soon as it is raised, as much as we might wish to. Each suggestion is logged, and the more voices raised in support of that change, the closer it moves on our product roadmap. We view each comment, feedback, suggestion, criticism (both the good and the bad) as opportunities to improve our platform and services.

Where can I find Help at GoFundraise?

At GoFundraise we cater to a variety of user groups (Fundraisers, Donors, Charities, Event Organisers etc) and understand not everyone asks for help in the same way, so we have provided many channels of support to meet our community’s needs. We offer,

  • Self-service: 24/7 access to extensive knowledge base, continually being updated
  • Group Training: weekly online training sessions for new charity admin users
  • One-on-one support: Either by email or phone. Email is the best way to contact us as you’ll receive a reference number in confirmation which will help track the progress of your request. If urgent, please call through to GoFundraise HQ, however if all lines are engaged (it does happen), please follow up your call with an email.

How our last 100 customers have rated us based on their experience with our Customer Care Team:

Let’s grow your cause, campaign and peer to peer fundraising!