World best mobile fundraising experience

February 24, 2017

Feature Release: World’s Best Mobile Fundraising Experience Create a Fundraising Page in 2 Clicks!

We are thrilled to announce that we have just released our completely new, frictionless, fundraising page creation user journey. This is one of a series of new enhancements to offer the world’s best mobile fundraising experience.

Supporters can now create a new fundraising page in just 2 clicks or a few seconds. What’s more there is no need to login first before beginning the fundraising page creation process.

We have also removed non-essential information from the process, resulting in a more streamlined user experience, increasing conversions and reducing drop-offs.

Create a page with an existing account:

Create a page and a new account:

New fundraisers can also create an account by connecting to Facebook with one click or entering essential information into just 5 fields.

Built with a mobile first design, this new feature is now available across the entire GoFundraise platform for free.

Happy Fundraising!

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